Sleep, Stress, Nourish, Move, RECOVER

Proactive Health Program

A 90 day program with extensive testing and personalised support to optimise your sleep, improve body composition, feel better and prevent disease.

Proof that in 90 days or less your life can change.

“His approach led to multiple cascading changes. My weight has dropped and cholesterol normalised, but the changes are so much wider than the numbers. I have boundless energy and am re-evaluating life because my energy levels are so heightened.”
Stefan Maciejewski
“I tried to find a joined up approach to my health through my GP practice but all my symptoms sat in boxes. From my very first consultation with Dr Steve I felt supported. I started to feel like a whole person again, connected to myself and amazing changes followed.”
Lyn Jubrail

As a hospital consultant I have seen thousands of patients be sick and even lose their lives early due to preventable disease. Possibly the worst part is the impact this has on their family

I don’t want this to happen to you, my friends or to me.

Here's how I help:

- Extensive testing covering bloods, sleep, fitness, strength, stress and nutrition
- One-to-one support from both myself and a personal trainer
- Holistic, head-to-toe approach, personalised to you
- Proof of significant change through re-testing and accountability

90 Day Proactive Health Program

This is a personalised, one-to-one, three month program guided by myself.

Phase One - Assessment & Understanding
Phase Two - Health Change & Integration
Phase Three - Retest & Reflect

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"It really appeals to the objective scientist in me and lends a level of credibility that Dr Steve works as an Intensive Care consultant in the NHS and Danish Health Service. I’ve battled with numerous medical challenges for more than a decade and also lost family members and close friends, all of which combined to make me want to seek a whole-system approach. Dr Steve James’ integrative health philosophy is it. Mental well being, physical well being, nutritional guidance, and more, all backed by rigorous scientific testing and establishing an approach that looks at the whole individual. It can be quite daunting, but then nothing that’s worth it ever came easy. Living well for the remainder of my life is the goal so it’s worth it."
Craig, 52

Phase One

Assessment & Understanding

Extensive testing allows personalised planning and insights into your health.


The testing focuses on areas of your health that you can leverage for maximal change to both your current health and long-term outcome.

Visceral fat and muscle mass are central to metabolic health. The AMRA MRI scan gives you powerful images of your internal fat and muscles that will help you accelerate positive change. Also knowing how many litres of toxic belly fat can be a powerful motivator! It compares you to the UK Biobank population allowing you to know what you need to do to stay healthy. At the end of the program this test is repeated so you can see the changes.

Measure your VO2 and other markers of cardiorespiratory fitness on a treadmill or bike to accurately predict not only how long you will live but also what you can do in future years. This is a key component of how we will help you change your exercise and training. You will not only feel the benefits in the short term but in 10, 20 or 30 years time you will still be able to travel, live independently and enjoy life. This test is done at the beginning and the end of the program to measure your improvement.

At one of our partner clinics you will not only get an extensive panel of bloods taken but you will have your height and weight measured, blood pressure checked and urine sample taken. The blood panel contains many more tests than you would usually get from your GP, family doctor or even than at specialist clinics.This allows the deepest insight into your health and the chance to take appropriate action – early!

The tests include these important assays.
  • ALT, GGT & AST – Early markers of fatty liver
  • Lp(a) – A cardiovascular risk marker that is largely genetic
  • hsCRP – A marker of inflammation
  • Advanced Iron Studies
  • ApoB – A more important marker of cholesterol status than LDL-C
  • HbA1c – Your average glucose level marker
  • Insulin – Test of Insulin Resistance
  • Vitamin B12, Vitamin D, Calcium, Magnesium
  • Uric Acid – another inflammation marker
  • Advanced Thyroid Panel
  • Coeliac and Rheumatoid Markers
  • Male or Female Sex Hormones

And most importantly you will have time to go through these results with Dr James and understand them for yourself.

Our at home sleep tests linked to the Sunrise Sleep App are easy to use and provide high quality information to detect serious sleep issues and help improve your sleep. Improving sleep quality and quantity is often the biggest win for our clients.

Many things in our daily life can cause us stress and we will show you how to unwind the stress and build your resilience to it. We will take time to understand you with an in-depth questionnaire and the “no rush” consultations. All the test results will be seen in the context of your unique life experience. This is all about personalisation.
David Tilston, our expert personal trainer, will assess your strength and stability and provide you with a personalised plan to supercharge your strength. You will have two more sessions with David with updated plans during the program and can keep in touch with him as needed. This will ensure you can really optimise this opportunity to make big steps with your strength and stability.

Tracking glucose for a few weeks allows you to understand your body’s unique way to handle glucose. Glucose is affected not just by the foods you eat and when you eat them but also by stress, excitement, sleep, muscle mass and exercise as well as your metabolic health. The continuous glucose monitoring allows you to understand this in the comfort of your own home and can help detect the presence of the early stages of diabetes. These signs can show up even when the standard blood tests are normal. 

Phase Two

Health Integration

You will have monthly consultations with Dr James allowing you to develop personalised plans across the different areas of your health.

Staying in close touch in-between  these calls can support your changes and so you will always have the chance to message directly with Dr James or book a weekly call.


Your personal movement and fitness program will updated every month together with David Tilston.

Emotional Health

You will explore why you make choices, where you perceive value and safety, and how to bring about the changes you want. Sessions can be focused on improving your emotional health and this can be especially good if you recognise that there are issues behind unhealthy choices.

Nutrition Strategy

When you know what the body thrives on it becomes easy to change your nutrition so that you are getting what your body needs. Learn to focus on giving it a plentiful supply of what it wants to heal and thrive and you will see the results.

Movement Plan

You’ll get a personalised movement plan that will improve your current experience of your body and protect your ability to enjoy activity in the coming decades. To do this we take a broad approach to your physical movement. Your plan will cover stability and injury prevention, strength, endurance and maximal effort. This will be updated each month during the program.

Sleep Toolkit

There are so many ways to improve sleep and the rewards are enormous. The value of sleep in health is being more broadly recognised and there are tools for improving it. Together we can help you overcome insomnia and unrefreshing sleep, sort out snoring and work with resolving sleep apnea. Understand how your body clock works so you can wake refreshed and feel the benefits.

Stress & Recovery Strategy

Discover the blend of stress that’s right for you. Some stressors help you feel alive while others are a grind. When you understand your ’stress load” and your recovery tools, you’ll be able to dance with stress.

Molecular Strategy & Toolkit

Medicines, supplements and toxins. Review your medicines and get an individualised supplement plan of practitioner grade supplements. Understand the potential impact of toxins on your body and how to deal with them.


Retest & Reflect

Retest with a second MRI, VO2 Max test and blood panel. Then reflect on your progress and decide your next steps. 


You can choose on-going support, go into further detail on brain health and longevity or continue taking care of yourself with your new knowledge and skills.

Which changes to your health will be the most meaningful to you?

  • Your fitness age dropping 10 years and keeping up with your children in the park again.
  • Losing litres of toxic visceral fat from your abdomen and everyone complimenting you on your new figure.
  • Slashing your risk of a heart attack in the next 10 years by 30% – and being on track to decrease it further.
  • More strength, fewer aches and pains and living each day at ease and full of energy.
  • Waking up refreshed, happy and ready to take on the day every morning.
  • Lower risk of developing type 2 diabetes, cardiac disease and cancer.
  • The sense of being cared for, the increased confidence in yourself and the future.
  • The peace of mind of a clean bill of health after a rigorous assessment and treatment.


I am a British doctor who went to Cambridge University and then worked in London's top hospitals for 25 years

I focus on both physical and mental health. For 12 years I worked as a consultant in critical care, exercise testing, and managing fatigue and breathlessness. I studied Sleep Medicine, Functional Medicine, nutrition and blood chemistry.


I then trained with Dr. Gabor Maté, a leading trauma-informed psychotherapist. This gave me more skills to support clients make change. For over 20 years I have practiced and taught meditation. I’ve run breathwork retreats and continue to spend time in retreat myself each year. Together with my wife we are parents to seven sons.


I’ve seen thousands of hospital beds and operating tables filled by people with preventable disease. The current healthcare system is not going to fix this problem for you, me or society.


That’s partly because state healthcare doesn’t wish to invest in the testing and time it takes for a proactive approach. It also seems to have become reliant on medication and forgotten that the disease process if often reversible.


My clients are living proof of the reversibility that is possible in just 90 days. They have lost fat but not muscle, sleep better, have more energy and heir blood markers have improved.


You might have invested heavily in your career or long-term financial security. This is an opportunity to invest in your long-term health.

Key Features of the Proactive Health Program

The disease CONTINUUM

Disease develops over decades and can be detected at a variety of different stages. The early stages in particular, before scarring or fibrosis have occurred, are also reversible.

Act EARLY for Success

Look in depth at your total health so that you can intervene early and make changes. Steer towards health by heeding the early warning signs.


Let’s establish a relationship where you are known. Where you have an understanding of what will drive your health. Where you are empowered to adapt and reap the benefits.


Let’s find the troublesome patterns and your unique opportunities to change. Let’s prioritise for the biggest wins and bring about the most long-lasting results. Let’s do it in a way that puts your emotional and cognitive health centre stage.


Your experiences and current life are unique, so a health program needs to be tailored to your bio individuality. What works on average for a population isn’t necessarily the optimal treatment for you.


Recognise the strengths and weaknesses of applying leading-edge research to the facts of your life. Respect your individual experience. Weigh up the benefits and drawbacks of interventions in the context of the whole person.


Evolutionary adaptation means our body can respond to particular stimuli with repair, recovery, growth and health. Our biology is inherently intelligent and geared to protect us from harm.

Established PARTNERS

We are working together with market leaders in healthcare. Testing can be arranged locally for wherever you are in the world. Consultations are over video call using a secure platform within the Electronic Patient Record.


Learn More About Metabolic Health

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Frequently Asked Questions

The Program

This program is for everyone who wants to regain their health and vitality. Those who want to look, move and have the test results they would have had 10 or even 20 years ago. It is for people who want to reduce the impact that poor metabolic health has on quality of life. Its contribution to cardiovascular and neurodegenerative diseases. It is for those who want to take a whole body approach to addressing the issues. To understand what is behind fatigue, obesity, type 2 diabetes or inflammation. It’s for those who want to use the latest technology including MRI, advanced blood panels and VO2 Max testing.  It’s for those who want to have their care delivered in a human, personalised and caring way.

Pricing is personalised to reflect the depth and breadth of services provided.

The Proactive Health Program usually costs £9,250 while a Proactive Health Assessment costs £5,000

Investing in your health is a decision that impacts not just your present well-being but also secures your future. The true cost of illness includes lost earnings, diminished physical and mental function, missed opportunities with family and friends, and potential setbacks in your professional life. The 90 Day Proactive Health Program is designed to preempt these costs by optimising your health before issues become detrimental. It’s an investment in preserving and enhancing your quality of life, ensuring you remain active, engaged, and capable in all facets of your life.

While we all hope that you are fantastically healthy, testing provides more answers and more opportunity to optimise. You might for example have more visceral fat than you realise or carry an inherited risk for heart disease or dementia. Perhaps you have insulin resistance but normal blood sugars or fat infiltration of your muscles. Is your fitness and strength literally sufficient to carry you into old age?

One of the distinguishing features of this program is its personalisation. Dr James specialises in managing patients with multi-system issues that often put them at high risk of future problems. There will be time for your full health history to be taken into account. Dr James and you will come to an understanding of your health and illness journey and work together with other top-specialists as needed.

There is much talk of the genetic causes of disease but the simple truth is that the majority of health is determined by environmental factors. Genes are usually important only when we are exposed, often repeatedly to certain triggers. They are rarely going to cause an issue come-what-may. When you know your own risks it makes it easier to focus on what matters.

This screening process can bring up a number of potential issues. Dr James has an extensive network of trusted specialists that he can refer you to.  This includes his consultant colleagues including surgeons and physicians in all specialities and specialists in functional medicine as well as health coaches, physiotherapists breathworkers, psychotherapists and physical therapists.

Many people on the program are busy working professionals who are relatively financially rich but time poor. They may have put their career and family before their own health. Therefore it becomes even more important to get genuinely personalised advice and insights into health so that change can be as effective as possible. As your health improves you will find you have more time and energy for what you want.

From your consultations with Dr Steve James you will know the easiest way to optimise your nutrition. When you understand the strategies for nutrition you can make the choices you need in any situation. We will include how to prepare for travel and advice on what to eat at restaurants.

Yes. All the consultations with Dr James and his team are online. The testing is available in large cities across the world and calls can be conducted at a convenient time. Improved health and specific strategies can also help in reducing jet lag.

If you need any extra equipment or supplements then Dr James and his team will personalise a shopping list for you. We work with only the highest quality supplement manufacturers so that you can be assured of quality.

We use an industry leading electronic patient record. The storage of your data will be compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) requirements. You will have 24/7 access to this information and can have full control over your records.

The Science

Your health involves all the different tissues and systems of your body so we look at your health from many angles. All the tests are highly predictive of your current health and future health and they are things that you can do something about.

These are the biggest levers, and when you pull on them, things change.

Visceral fat is the fat around the organs in your abdomen. It releases many harmful molecules called cytokines. Some of these such as IL-6 and TNF-α cause inflammation across the body. This sets the body up for metabolic disease. This in turn leads to cardiovascular disease and a whole range of other illnesses. Subcutaneous fat, the type that is under your skin, actually carries little risk of future health problems with it.


You may or may not like the sight of it, but it isn’t really a health concern. There is also ectopic fat, like that around your heart or in your liver. This also indicates an increased risk of certain diseases. BMI, is the standard measure of weight and obesity. It doesn’t pick up this difference and it is one of the reasons why BMI isn’t so good at predicting future problems. Healthy people may have just a few kilos of visceral fat in their abdomen. But you might have 10, 15, or even 20kg of visceral fat and still not be obese according to your BMI! This is why we measure these different fat regions accurately with an MRI.

The dangers of visceral fat were not recognised when most doctors studied medicine. Even today very few are aware of its importance. There is no simple blood test for it, and like many things, when it is more difficult to measure, it gets measured less often. GLP-1 inhibtors do seem to reduce visceral fat for as long as people stay on them. After a year only a third of patients continue taking them, probably due to side effects, costs or a weight-loss plateau. You need other strategies to change the root cause.

Your muscle mass and its strength are vital for your wellbeing – it allows you to do what you want to do. But each year it is disappearing. Without resistance training people can lose 30% of their muscle mass between 50 and 70. After 70 the decline only gets faster. This is why at 75 most adults start to experience a significant drop in their function. The process starts quietly, often as fatty deposits.  They are the starting point of diabetes and can also go on to become sarcopenia which is muscle loss. This is why we do an MRI because it is the gold-standard way of assessing muscles that are at risk of being lost. Even if you don’t develop diabetes or sarcopenia, you will want to offset this process to maintain your wellbeing.  At what age do you want to start?

Your VO2 Max is the maximal amount of oxygen that your body can use. It shows how much “external work” it can do. It combines the function of your lungs, chest wall, heart, vascular system and in particular the mitochondria of your cells. It is a pan-system test. It is widely considered to be the best marker of cardiorespiratory fitness and the best for predicting longevity.


Studies with 100,000s of patients have shown that moving up a fitness group (of five groups) dramatically increases your survival. For example, moving from a level 2 group to a level 3 group (easily achievable in 3-6 months) is the equivalent of TWO times the impact of NOT having diabetes. That’s huge. Your VO2 can be used to calculate your “Fitness Age” which can vary dramatically from your chronological age and will predict how well you age as well. The gold-standard way of measuring this is on an exercise bike or a treadmill with a tight fitting face mask for breath analysis.

We need inflammation to help us fight off infection and to heal wounds but chronic inflammation is a sign that our body is under constant strain. This is like stress, we thrive from some stress and become weak if there is too little. Chronic stress however undermines our health. “Stress” can mean different things to different people but they all end up affecting common chemical pathways in our body. Stress is a key contributor to visceral fat for example and affects sleep which in turn affects our body’s ability to repair. Together with inflammation it is also key to the development of high blood pressure. We can think of different stressors as adding “load” to the total “stress load”.


Factors to identify that can contribute to Stress Load include:


  • Increased time at work, managing responsibilities
  • Excessive exercise
  • Air travel, pollution or other environmental factors
  • Chronic low grade infections
  • Foods or toxins that lead to an increased burden of oxidation, more than our natural anti-oxidant system.
  • Decreased time or quality of sleep where the physical impact of the stress is literally cleaned up.

If you don’t wake refreshed it is a sign that the brain hasn’t finished it’s intense overnight metabolic program. Your brain is the central regulator. It controls most of your hormones and your nervous system which regulates your gut. Every system in your body benefits from sleep. If the benefits could be made into a pill it would become the bestseller on the market.


Some of the most common and important problems that can be identifed and dealt with are:


– insomnia

– sleep restriction

– sleep fragmentation

– sleep apnea and other forms of sleep disturbed breathing

– early morning awakening

– restless legs


Sleep is a great place to start with improving health. Sometimes simple changes can bring dramatic changes. And this feeds forwards into food and activity choices the following day.

90 Day Proactive Health Program

Want to know more about whether this program would work for you?

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